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New Avensis 2.0 D4D Owner

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Hiya all,

Been reading around here for a couple of weeks now, really liked the abundant literature.

So I just joined the group just now, to be able to interact.

After owning several toyota's (late-70s Tercel, mid-80s CarinaII, early-90s Corolla, mid-90s corolla, early-00 CarinaE) and always being pleased with toyota since they all went over 150k km without a single hickup I just decided to donate myself a '08 Avensis 2.0 D4D Luna wagon. After all, it's valentines day and I really like myself... :clown:.

I think it's a so-called ADT250 with 1AD-FTV engine, .

Yup, switched to diesel now... getting older I think... maybe... and no DON'T ask :fireman:

Been a more or less difficult decision, since my sister just sold her Verso after years of big troubles: engine and gearbox replaced within the first 2 years, and now just out of warranty the (very expensively sold!) ABS/ESC block failed beyond repair.

But what the heck, I took the shot and bought the D4D anyway, hoping for the good old toyota experiences I personally know of.

Now I can only hope it's just as indestructible as all the previous ones I had :spiteful:

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