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Hi All,

Having recently purchased a new Gen 3 Prius, I have noticed one or two changes from my previous Gen 3. One is that the park assist is now an option, I miss the guide lines on the reversing camera.

But one thing that puzzles me is that there seems to be some demisting elements on the rear offside quarter light window. Is there a need for demisting on this , and if so why isn't there any on the nearside one?

Apart from that I love the new upgraded interior, especially the half leather seats, the ride seems firmer and altogether more comfortable as well.

Kind regards,


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Hi Frosty,

Thanks for your reply, you are right that is probably what it is, I did read somewhere that they did improve the reception.

Thanks again.

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It is an extra aerial for the FM radio. The original gen3's FM radio setup suffers badly from RFI generated by the Prius itself. There is a massive thread on Prius Chat where many attempts were made to find a workable solution. The facelift gen3 has a second aerial (as described above) to improve FM reception (don't know if it works).

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