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Stalling When Idle

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Hi guys and galls

Newbie on the forum here.

I have just purchased a 2003 Rav4 Gx VVt-i 1998 Petrol, and noticed that although the engine idles nicely at 1000 it seems to be stalling a lot at lights and road junctions.

If i just blip the throttle when idling, the revs go up then drop back to the idle speed but then dip to 500 this is then when the engine stalls.

Bought tha car from a small dealer about 100 miles away, just wondered if it is a simple fault I can get looked at locally or something more major where I will need to take it back to them..

Any help appreciated



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check with MAF sensor installed on the engine air filter plastic housing.

be very careful with sensitive part of the sensor -- it must be spray cleaned only using MAF cleaner

i do not consider sparks issue now

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.......and also have a wee peek at the air filter....clean?......dead simple, but basics first, and welcome abroad the Forum. If he did a "service" as part of the sale, just make sure correct spark plugs fitted....should be Iridium tipped wee bgrs at 30gbp a set.....some unscrupulous folk may cut that corner, or not know the spec.

Big Kev

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Depending on your model it will be one of two things.

If your is the pre face lift model with a throttle cable to the pedal, then the throttle body will have an "ICV" idle control valve.

You will need to strip and clean it.

If it is the later round fog light model it will be "fly by wire" electronic throttle control, and it does not have an ICV.

In this case the throttle body will need a good clean out, it will have black sooty deposits that are preventing the butterfly closing properly, get a can of carb cleaner and an old toothbrush and give it a good clean out.

Mine had exactly the same problem as yours, and that cured it instantly.

I did clean the MAF as well later on just for good measure, but it was the throttle body causing the stalling.


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