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Avensis Car Battery.

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Hi All, just hoping for some advice from anyone who can point me in right direction. I have a toyota avensis est 2.2 d4d on 06 plate and having some probs with Battery failed to start this morning but recently have not been doing much mileage short trips only with most things going taking lots of power etc. poss charge Battery ? will i lose code for radio ? and if i need a new Battery any ideas on best place to buy from etc what make is best ? cheers All great site well done to those running it and any help greatly appreciated cheers.

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Can help,

I too do very little little mileage and have rigged up a feed supply connection to the Battery terminal cable connectors.

I run 12v supply from a spare Battery next to car, used old mobile phone charger cable and jack for quick connection, little current drain so light weight cable ok. You can then disconnect the main in car Battery and charge with charger cables in situ. I only disconnect the +ve lead. Ensure polarity is correct which is why I used a jack system, once all is checked connection wise you don't have to keep confirming right polarity.

Have used this system for last few years particularly in winter.

Best of luck Phil

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certainly try charging it.

If you do need a new Battery then under Toyota's fixed price scheme a replacement for a Diesel Avensis by a dealer is £110 fitted so that is your benchmark

Halford's cheapest compatible Battery fitted by them is £94.

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no you won't lose the radio code it doesn't have one, all you will lose is the pre-sets for your chosen stations but they are easy enough to put back in.

Toyota can supply the "correct battery" fitted free with a 3 year warranty. I got mine from them as they were as competitive as anywhere else when it comes to buying the exact AH capacity, the right size and one that actually fits in the clamping bracket correctly. I could have got one slightly cheaper it wouldn't have been fully secure.

Regards Pete.


We have a famous Avensis club member who lives in Caerphilly goes by the name of Mistermena on here. He may ride around Caerphilly with an advert for Power Enhancers BG244 on the side ofhis Avensis T180 Estate car :help: .... goes by the name of Taff or Tim and will always help out ;) .

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