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Automatic Air Conditioner Trouble

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I have an annoying trouble with the air conditioning. I have the automatic dual version shipped with avensis 2012, which offers an inner-circulation mode. I like this option turned on while driving in city because the pollution in our part is quite unpleasant, with noticeable smell. During the summer, everything worked perfect, then the winter came.

Now, whenever the outside temperature goes near or below freezing, it automatically switches this inner-circulation off. I assume it believes that venting moisture is more efficient this way. But moisture is a minor problem compared to the pollution and smell - I can vent the moisture outside the city, plus I do use anti-moisture sprays. Anyways, after automatically being switched off, I turn inner-circulation on again, and it remebers this and stays turned on, until I turn off the engine. The next day, however, while driving to work, though it do starts turned on (thus it remembers the last setting), after a while it switches off automatically (I guess it takes time for it to realize it is cold outside after I exit the garage). I have to manually turn it on again for it to stay this way. Every day the same - I have to fight the air conditioning.

The most unfortunate about this thing, and the reason why I seek help, is the timing. It always chooses to switch off exactly as I drive by a really-high-traffic crossroad, sucking in smells in the worst moment, while my attention is needed elsewhere. These five unfortunate seconds, until I can pay attention to it and make it obey... All I need is to make the current manual setting permanent.

I am quite frustrated. Tried to talk to authorized toyota guys about this, no help. I tried to turn off the auto-mode, no help. Trying different target inside temperatures, no help. Have anyone experienced this? Have anyone found solution? Or better yet, could anyone try it out and tell me if this happens. Perhaps toyota already fixed this and I just need the new unit software. Anyways, thank you for any help in advance.


p.s. I have quite the same problem with the audio system. Whenever I start the engine, the audio system just stays off. Okay, so I have to turn it on, no big deal. But the radio is playing even though I listened to a CD the last time. I have to manually swich to CD to continue where I left off. I never listen to radio, so I always do manually switch to CD. It seems to be a brand trait..

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Hi jsimlo,

I just got my own avensis yesterday and (upto now) couldn't experience the same, but reading your post I assume it might be as simple as to switch recirculation off and back on just before getting out of the garage since as you say one single manual intervention prevents the switchover and keep it "locked" in the last setting.

Ok, admitted, it's a manual intervention too but at least it's not on a busy crossroad.

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Hi Peter,

That is great! I wish you a lot of safe miles :driving:

I already tried this. If I turn this recirculation off and on again inside the garage, it doesn't help. As if while in the garage my preference did not matter to the car and my whatever my choice is it is just taken temporary. Once outside the garage (and below 5 deg Celsius) it automatically switches off. Only then, if I turn it back on, it is remembered for the ride. It seems it requires me to manually override it whilst it chooses the other setting. I even tried turning it on and off several times before driving outside the garage. Anyway, I wonder if it does happen to you or doesn't happen to you.

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