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Got To Get Rid Of That Cd Player Asap

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Getting a Sept 2009 Avensis Tourer (is that a T27?) next week. ASAP I need to fit a single DIN mechless MP3 player/tuner. Our 2 current cars have a Blaupunkt and a Sony item of this type and it's great to have thousands of tracks to choose from and no messing about with silly CDs.

I've seen fascia trims for about £40 and there's a fair amount of info on here however I'm still unsure about a couple of points:

Is there support metalwork inside the dash that will accept the single DIN cage as the fascia plate just looks like plastic with nothing behind it?

Do I need an ISO wiring adaptor or is the Toyota ISO already?

Grateful for any info I'd like to do this swap as soon as I get the car.

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I suppose it does and TBH while I get myself sorted I'll probably burn a CDR to get by. But a 32GB flash drive costs less than 20 quid and holds over 5000 MP3s at a 320 bitrate and makes cds look a bit lame.

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Or plug an ipod into the aux socket?

A perfectly good suggestion of course. Except I don't buy Apple products as I don't agree with their software policies and I don't like their hardware.

Again this is only my problem I know millions worldwide love their Apple stuff and good luck to them.

Personally I like my vast MP3 collection as it is, backed up on 3 external hard disks kept at different locations and scattered over a multitude of SD cards and USB sticks in my car media players, Blackberry phone and the DJ type dual mp3 deck I use in the house.

I hope to get some cash back from the tax disc on my trade in and spend perhaps £70 on a JVC mechless head unit, £20 ish on a couple of 16GB USB drives to use with it and £40 for the dash fascia panel. As said only concern is do i need a wiring adaptor and what mechanical structure exists behind the fascia plate to support the head unit. Thanks for your replies by the way guys all comments are much appreciated I just am a bit set in my 'MP3 ways'...

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