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Corolla 1.3 Executive Ee80


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Can you members help me?

I have a 1987 Corolla 1.3. EE80 - 2E engine.

It won't start when cold.

I've been told it's a common problem - where a valve in the carburetor is sticking.

Is this so? And how do I fix it?




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Hi Jerry,

Provided you have checked the basics, compression test,plug gaps,valve clearances and fuel filter - then

a couple of common problems on the 2E engine in regards to poor cold start are;

The cold start enrichment device (wax stat) on the carb fails.

The ignitor on the ignition system produces a weak spark and struggles to start a cold engine.

The only real solution is to get up to a breakers and get a spare carb and distribtor unit and try them.


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Thanks Mick - I still believe it's a valve sticking in the carb.

A green coloured valve, according to an ex Toyota mechanic I spoke to.

I have to start it with full throttle at present - I can't get to choke to just rev on it's own from cold.

And it floods easy.

When it's warm it drives fine.

I've been told to spray some Wynn's Carb cleaner into the top of the carb.

Is that OK to do.


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