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Celica To Rav4

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Hi all,

I havent been on here for a while. In the last 2 weeks ive sold my wrc GT4 :( after 8 years and my girlfriends red edition vvti celica :(

Both great cars but i now have a young family so you can guess the rest.

Anyways just bought a 2003 rav4 vvti in black with all the trimmings and its perfect!

But the clutch bites really low and feels a bit stiff. i think the clutch itself is fine so im thinking the hydraulic side could be causing it.

has anybody else had this experience?

thanks in advance for any advice


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The clutch spring tends to age harden and make the pedal stiff. The hydraulic system is dead simple. If you take off the slave cylinder and wrap it with elastic to stop the piston popping out you can work it to check.

If not, leave for a bit and see if you get used to it. Its a big job.

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Thanks for the quick reply, ill take a look at the slave cylinder tomorrow. Is there anyway to adjust the clutch pedal because the clutch would be more manageable if i could lift it up a bit. I feel that getting used to it might be the option :/

once again thanks

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