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Unseen Charges

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Anyone else been charged for diagnostic time ( £153 ) after EGR valve and other defective bits replaced under warranty on a 2007 rav4 2.2 d4d. Thought these diagnostic costs would have been included in the bill sent by the dealers to Toyota for re-imbursement anyway as our car has full Toyota service history from day 1. 9tiger9

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Diagnostic charges are not claimable under warranty, however, there should have been some sort of conversation up front about it. Toyota are not going to reimburse it, they did not charge it!

You need a serious chat with the service manager / aftersales manager, face to face. Keep calm, be firm and polite, good luck

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Hi there to all my readers,

Received a phone call from customer services at Toyota UK this lunchtime. They have authorised the dealership ( Copcutt Toyota ) to refund the £153.00 cost, how's that for 10/10 customer service! Just goes to show keep it polite and to the point and success, Then again we have been buying from Toyota since 1998 and all our vehicals have been serviced by them as well. So its a drop in the ocean to what we have spent over the years with them, but still a big THANK'S Toyota anyway.9tiger9

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First time I've come across this in all my years of car ownership.

Bit sharp if you ask me.

Had another vehicle went in last week for diagnostic work under warranty - after some faffing was eventually diagnosed and repaired.

No charge of any kind but it was not a Toyota.

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