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Damaged Gen 7 - Advice - Help!

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Hi all,

I haven't posted here in a while and need some advice on what to do with my car!

The chassis is bent at the front and requires a jig to fix the damage. Unfortunately I do not have a local garage which can repair the damage at low cost. The car is worth about £2700 and requires about a weeks worth of work to get the metal work back to the original shape. The parts were going to cost around £500-600 including paint with labour. The splitter, radiator and air con grill are all irrepariable and the bonnet is slightly bent at the front. The air bags both went off (£30 each) and the windscreen is cracked.

Since I do not own spare car parts, have a local garage nearby which has a jig to repair at low cost and I am not a body worker I decided that it is better in my case to opt for a new car and get rid of this one somehow. The engine still works and has ~ 95k on the clock (T sport engine). The guy who took a look at it said the gearbox has some pressure placed on it but all works fine, likely intact.

What I am wondering is:

a) Does anyone want to buy the car for spare parts?

B) Would I be better off selling the car off for spare parts or as one whole item?

c) How much is it worth!? My guess is ~ £1000

d) Does anyone mind coming to take a look at it?

e) Anyone know of a place in the Ipswich area that does this type of work for a good price?

The tyres have decent tread left and have T Sport alloys. The engine still works. The interior is all in good condition. The body work is in good shape (minus the front and slight bonnet damage). The Battery needs a good charging before it loses it's life!

Thanks for reading. I need to do something about it as it is just sitting in my drive so the quicker the better!

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Unless you want to go through the hassle of stripping the car and trying to sell the parts yourself, I think it would be better to sell the TS as a whole. Corporate member "AMS" over on celica-club.co.uk will be the person to contact. I have met him personally, and he can be trusted to offer you a fair price.

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