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Recently my abs keeps kicking in under normal braking on normal road conditions, i pulled up to a junction earlier and the brake pedal was going nuts. It not like i was braking hard either. Is there any common reason the abs would keep coming on under normal conditions?

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Yes, like David says, usually dirt on a sensor. Compressed air and a blow gun might help but at the same time you might have to check that the exciter rings are not cracked or clogged with dirt/corrosion. Finding out which one it is might take some doing and if you try to remove them be dead careful, they are plastic and usually stick. I would try the rears first as they often pick up crud.

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Yes: be careful when removing the plastic-bodies sensors!

One cause of malfunction is iron or steel dust/debris on the sensor tip. The sensors are magnetic, and attract the stuff. Wipe tip absolutely clean, and clean the tooth-wheel and area.


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Where is the smiley for totally bemused, exciter rings? Think I better fire up google.


Its the row of teeth that the ABS sensor picks up on. Some are cast and some are pressed on. All are prone to clogging and the pressed ones sometimes crack. I changed one recently on a Kia Picanto. You can buy them separate for them.

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