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59 Avensis Estate Rear Bumper

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I have recently bought a 59 Avensis Estate and am intending to fit a towbar. Does anyone know how the rear bumper comes off, unfortunately the nice man at the Toyota franchise wouldn't let me have the information as I hadn't bought it from him and I wasn't getting him to fit it. I have fitted one to a 56 estate in the past as I had removal instructions and diagrams. I have no such thing for the 59 estate. Many thanks.

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On the saloon there is a main bolt at each side, under colour coded plastic caps, at the side of the boot opening. Then there is a clip where the bumper meets the wheel arch, at the top. Then there are about 8 clips underneath securing it to various sections. There are also clips that the bumper slides into around the lights etc. I would think the tourer to be a similar set up. I found the info on the toyota tech site under the heading for fitting parking sensors. Have a look you might be lucky.

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Try this site:


pick the car , model, publication type & then accessory type from here you can access fitting guides for most of Toyota's accessories


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