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Removal Of Central Console, Ts-3

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Does anyone know how to remove the top of the central console, the bit that houses the sat-nav, or where I could find out?

The LEDs in my in-bult satnav failed some while ago and Toyota told me it would cost £2,000 to replace it. However, recently, one of the lights came on again after going over a road bump road, but once I turned off the engine, it didn't come one again. I'm wondering whether the connections at the back may be loose and that is why they've gone out?

I did once find a diagram on the web that showed how to do this, but lost it and now can't find it again. Would appreciate someone's guidance.



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Thanks Zulu. I seem to recall that was in the diagram I saw but I couldn't remember exactly. I take it I edge the trim out nearest to the door and then pull as you suggested? I'm presuming it is therefore clipped in and not screwed.

Thanks very much.

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