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Rav4.3 2006 Diesel - Radio, Clock And A/c Controls Issue

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Just wondered if anyone had had this odd issue.

Last week the Radio, Clock and A/C controls simply stopped working.

I spent a hour working through the correct fuses (under glovebox) and eventually found no issues, but it still didn't work.

2 days later, it worked again.

Today, its not working :-(

I'd spent a few hours today testing fuses (all 3 boxes) and pushing and pulling connections, but no joy. Just seems really random.

Has anyone every had the same issue?

Thanks in advance

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That might well be the display. Its quite easy to get out but you will need a bit of courage. You can wriggle the wires then if that doesn't work get one off ebay.

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If both radio and aircon panel are not working, the chances of both the radio display and the air con display failing together, while not impossible, is fairly remote I would think.

The radio and aircon panel don't appear to share a common earth point, so probably not that.

They do both depend on an "Ignition on" feed signal via the 7.5A ACC fuse. Maybe that fuse has a hairline fracture in it and will work with a change in temperature etc. now and again. It can happen. I might expect a few other system to be out, if that ACC feed is down via that fuse.

The other thing common is the ACC relay. If that is out, the cigar lighter will also not be working.

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Thanks shcm. Its not a harline as I've swapped the fuse, however... the cigar lighter doesn't work as well, so your idea around the ACC relay sounds like a very probable cause that I need to investigate next. Much appreciated for the steer :-)

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Relay is located behind the the glove box. One of the blue ones, I think. It feeds both the 7.5A ACC fuse and the 15A CIG fuse.

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shcm - that you very much for your advice, you've saved me hours with a multi-meter!

I moved the relays around to do a quick check and it was indeed a failed relay on the ACC circuit! A little odd, but certainly easy to replace :-)

Thanks again


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