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Management Light Comes On And Sudden Lack Of Power

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hi all,

Im driving a 2000 d4d avensis,with 304,000 on the clock and its been a taxi for the last 10 years.

Its a great wee car and apart from usual maitenance costs over the years it doesnt owe me

anything.Lately,however the management comes on periodically and theres a drastic lack of

power.This always happens when slowing for a roundabout or junction,never at high revs and

never when cool.The procedure then is to knock off the engine for 3 or 4 seconds and start her

up again.This can be a bit embarassing never mind stressful and can happen maybe 5 or 6 times

a day.Googling mentions scv valves but these are big bucks to buy new.Can these valves be

reconditioned as they are like hens teeth to get in a breakers yard.



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I would recomend you to find out wich fault code your car do have that often. There are cheap fault code readers at e-bay. There are several free software for the computer to connect with the faultcode reader.

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i agree with the above post. if the engine managemnet light comes on and the car lacks power afterwards it is going into limp home mode. Be warned that depending on the fault it is designed so that it can get u to a garage for it to be delt with. sometimes it will only let u start the engine once more then locks it out.

Usually the ecu will only go into limp home mode with something "serious" (somthing more than a missfire or tempremental coolent sensor)

I would either take it to ur local garage (they should charge around 30 quid to read it) or as balikban says buy a cheap one of the internet.

hope this helps


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