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Newbie 1St Time Owner Of Avensis 1.8 T3 Vvti

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They're pretty bulletproof generally. The 1.8vvti was prone to engine problems until around mid 05 tho, which manifests itself by excessive Oil use initially. There's plenty on the forum about it. Hopefully you'll have one of the unaffected ones or one of the ones after the modification.

I've had two and I'm now onto the newer shape. Best cars I've ever owned. I had the first one for two and a half years and the only things I had to do to it was a rear wiper blade and a tail light bulb. No tyres, brakes etc, just general Oil changes etc. What more can you ask of a car.

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Headlights have given problems in the past due to misting up, but they're not the most brilliant at the best of times.

Not sure if your's is affected but Toyota have recently issued a recall notice regarding a steering shaft issue. Might be worth checking with your local dealer to see if your's is involved, although not safety related according to my dealer.

Just about to part with mine (for a Prius), had it nearly 5 years, 43k miles (28k in my hands), no problems, still looks and drives like a new car.

Good luck with your car.

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Thanks guys, my last car was a Peugeot so atleast I'm moving up in the right direction!! :-) , I've heard a bit about the Oil problem so I'll keep my eye on it, so far so good tho , lovely relaxing drive with plenty of oomph when needed, especially over 4,500 revs

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I'm in exactly the same situation but with slightly higher miles at 74,000. So far just keeping a close eye on Oil but doesn't seem to be using any. I'm using a 5W30 fully synthetic as recommended but I hear some people use a more viscous Oil as the mileage increases, any reccomendations?

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