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Tte Supercharger Kit

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Selling my Yaris TTE Supercharger kit.

I bought it recently refurbished with genuine TTE parts just before Christmas and never fitted it. Everything included in the kit for safe boost on the 1.5 1nzfe but I'm sure everyone on here knows what these are.

Circumstances financially are dictating the sale. I believe it is Kimi's old kit?

I have it listed on eBay and the Yaris Club.

£1700 for toyota club members and yaris club members. Listed for more on eBay as I'd like it to stay in the clubs.





Apologies if images are too large, will edit when I get chance.

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hello that was my brother tte suprcharger kit he was the first to own it he drove over to germany to have it fitted for 2500.

out of intrest have you had any problems with the kit ? as my brother car drove lovely for a year then it kept breaking the number 1 con rod he went thought 2 engine and then sold it then the nect owner had the same problem cheers

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now sold! :)

I haven't had it fitted, I bought it off a lad on the yaris club who had it fitted without any problems as far as I know and he had it fully refurbished before he sold it too.

That's all I have in my arsenal of knowledge I'm afraid!

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