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Yaris 2003 D4D Head Gasket And Water Pump Replacement

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Hello there

I've been trawling the internet for several days now trying to find a manual for a D4D diesel Engine no. 1ND-TV to replace a head gasket and water pump on my 2003 Yaris. The head gasket blew a few weeks ago and I suspect the water pump needs replacing as the heating went a while ago and I had checked the coolant level just before the head gasket went.

So far I have found either dead links or mind boggling trawling through everything but what I need althogh I did find some useful advice on the timing chain (for which I am grateful).

I've searched through about 20 pages of topics on this forum and have found nothing and the manual links are 'dead'.

If anyone could point me in the right direction you'll have my undying gratitude at the very least.

Hope someone can help


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Don't mess about trying to follow links that might not be useful, go straight to the Toyota website


You will have to pay €3 an hour, but you can print off or download the bits you require. You will need to input your chassis number but the info you get will be correct, up to date and specific to your car

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the link and the advice.

Sorry for the delay in saying thanks as I'm away at the moment, been driving me mad trying to chase down anything of any use. I don't have a reasonable internet connection at the moment but will follow your suggestion when I can access a decent download speed and connection.

Much obliged

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