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Beep When Door Opened And Will Not Start


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Yaris SR with the keyless entry and start.

Went to use car would not start. Took AA man and jump leads before it would start.

He ran all tests and Battery fine wacking out 14 volts when running, no dead cells, alternator fine, nothing draining Battery with engine off.

Funny thing hit stop button and beeping when door opened until door shut. Never done that before.

Also when you opended door normally the stearing lock engages. Not engaging.

Went to use car a few hours later.

Opened door and beeping started. It's never done that before.

Got in closed door beeping stopped.

Open door beeped again.

Hit start button and just got a horrible noise like Battery was dead again.

Key fob red light flashes and start button goes to orange.

Any ideas?

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I did suspect key fob. For a few weeks keyless entry was touch and go and pressing door button to lock was problematic.

It's doing some very strange things now. Like the beeping when I open the door to get in.

And the steering lock is not engaging.

I am not convinced it's the car Battery. This morning it was fully charged, Now get a horrible clonking noise like the starter is turning but engine not firing. Is it possible that the flat key fob can get the computer confused and leave the immobilser on.

If the imobiliser is still on will the starter motor still work.

Not sure what to do now. Car dead on the drive.

Do I get the AA to tow it to a Toyota garage or try and get a Battery for the key fob?

Is it worth disconnecting car Battery leave for 20 mins and reconnect. A bit like a PC reboot

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If the immobilizer is active the starter will still work; The car just won't fire (I know from extensive testing when trying to program a new key into the immobilizer!)

However, I don't think the key needs a Battery to disable the immobilizer - It uses an RFID. The Battery only powers the remote.

My gut feeling is still with the car Battery - I find just because it tests okay once doesn't necessarily mean it *is* okay.

My dad's one tested okay but occasionally the car failed to start; He got a garage to check it and they tested it okay, but he insisted they keep testing it until it failed to start and after a few spins started having trouble starting and the battery indeed started showing problems. Changed it, been fine since!

How old is the battery...?

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Batttery is 2 years old.

The one from when the car was new lasted 3 years before it had a dead cell.

Funny thing is when the first Battery failed I got the engine straining to start then fail.

This time round I get a horrible clonking noise and no sign of the engine turning over.

After AA Jump started the weird thing was when you exited the car the stearing lock did not engage.

It's still not enaged now,

Normally I hit start button engine stops.

Open drivers door beep beep.

If you were to press the door pillar switch at that point the stearing lock would engage and the beeps stop.

Next time you open door no beeps. Hit start and you hear steering lock disengage.

Since the jump start the steering lock does not engage and the beeping starts again as soon as the door opens.

So do I have a screwed up ignition caused by the Battery going flat.

Or do I have a Battery going flat becuase of a fault in the ignition.

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Hmmmm . . neither of my Yarises have the Smart Entry & Start but to me it does sound like it could be a flat Battery in the keyfob. If that is going flat the car cannot recognise it properly so won't work without it. Plus as Jaseowl said, they had a similar experience which was resolved by changing the keyfob Battery

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