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Regeneration T180 White/grey Smoke


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As title. How often should this happen? Mine seems to happen nearly everyday recently.

Thanks in advance

Maybe they have elected a new Pope ;) .....But maybe something to do with the cold weather

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I suspect its far more to do with the possibility that your car may do alot of town driving ? This car needs a good long run on an A road or motorway (or `Italian Tune-Up`) every now and then. Your engine, particularly in the winter, may never actually reach the temperatures/time needed to do a proper regeneration. Every now and then, although wasteful, I take mine for a fully warmed up motorway run around 3K rpm for 20 mins to clear it out

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My T27 does it to the point you look in the mirror and its like you have come out from fog.

Dealer says its something to do with DPF and an ECU update. Its in with them tomorrow to have it done and the dreaded parking brake that takes them 4/12 hours, im glad i mentioned it has been saying malfunction every now and again now.

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