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Avensis 2.2 D-4D Poor Fuel Consumption Since Maf

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I have a 2.2 D-4D. FSH at the dealers, 60,000 miles, runs excellently with no issues. The Toyota dealer decided to clean the MAF.

Since then my round town fuel consumption has dropped to 25 mpg, even with a very light foot, and with trying to use as little fuel as possible.

Can the MAF (and cleaning it) affect fuel consumption like this?

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The Air filter is brand new, it's just had a major 60000 service. 99% of the time there is nothing coming from the exhaust. However, every few weeks, upon starting, a plume of white smoke will come from the exhaust upon starting which lasts for about one minute until I start driving. When this happens the engine doesn't catch first time and I have to restart.

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in general -- if the sensitive element has been a bit affected (when cleanned // installed or so ) -- this might influence on fuel consumption. but -- the maf was cleanned by MrT (??????????) -- whether theyr could affect it ? i can not comment it.

the other members responsible for consumption are fuel injectors ---- but as far as I ve caught you -- you have no issue with starting and smoky exhaust. may be you have to scan system on either errors stoored ? may be a late signal comes to an injectors due to errors ???

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