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Vvtl-I Running In From Pdi New

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when the celica t-sports and corrola t-sports were sold from new, did toyta tell customers not to engage the valve lift untill they had done a certain number of miles?

the reason i ask is someone i know told me they had the corrola t-sport from brand new, and the dealer said to do 1000 miles before taking it about 6000rpm.

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All new cars say not to take them to high rpm for the first few hundred miles, usually 5-600.

When I had my yaris from new it said this in the handbook, can't say I've see it in the celica handbook, but it was ages ago when I had a glance at it.

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The reason I ask is I had to have an engine remanufacture and is now bassically a brand new engine. I done a running in service at 500 miles and I now covered almost 1100 miles. I still haven't taken it above 6000rpm and engaged the valve lift. Shall I just go for it

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For recon engines the average run in time is 500 miles.

By the way, you never really buy recon engines, as too many places do not do it properly by fitting quality parts & raplcing the relevant parts. Always buy a 2nd hand use engine.

Regardless, take yours into lift.

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