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Does Anti Rain Product Damage Windshield?

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Hi guys,

Was wondering whether the anti rain coat product can damage the windscreen over time if applied often?

Since mine is starting to wear off and i was thinking to re-apply some abro clearview anti rain on it. and was wondering if it is advisable and safe for the glass?


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Doubt it will do ant damage as glass is a pretty hard material.

In this country we call it the windscreen not the American windshield.

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Should be fine as long as it's not a strong polish.

Most of them are wax or silicone coatings to repel rain.

One other alternative you could consider are the PIAA silicone wipers; They constantly layer silicone on the screen during normal use which repels rain really well.

I've had them on for coming up to two years now and they're brilliant :)

Made scraping the ice off the windscreen easier too! (Albeit only in the path of the wipers and not the whole screen :( )

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Thanks for the reply.

I actually got the abro AR-180. It was on sale and it works ok.

I was only scared that overtime it might cause damage to the windscreen.

I also saw they had that anti-fog coating for windscreen (to be applied inside the car). Has anyone tried it?

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