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Prius Needed For Tv Appearance

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Hi all,

I'm hoping somebody on this forum might be able to help me. My name is Matt, and I work for a television production company called Attaboy TV. We produce a car breaking show for the National Geographic Channel where two teams buy a vehicle that is beyond repair / declared non road legal, strip it for parts and then sell the parts on. We like to follow the journey of the parts into other vehicles so you can see that even if one car is broken the parts have helped vehicles that are still going.

For one of the new episodes we're breaking a Prius

At the start of each show, we film an introductory sequence we call a “Pristine.” In the pristine sequence we film with a pristine version of the car we are about to break. This allows us to introduce the car to the audience and show to them how good the marque can look. I wanted to get in touch with your Club, in the hope that you may be able to help us source a “pristine” version of our Prius.

We’re looking for an owner with a clean, working, and great looking Prius. The owner would need to be happy for us to drive their vehicle on camera, and preferably live around the London area as this is where filming will be. However we can offer accommodation if somebody wants to be involved and come from further afield. Essentially we're looking for an owner who is proud of their vehicle and wants the opportunity to show-off their prized possession on national television. We will cover all expenses and provide a DVD of the programme after the show has aired.

Please let me know if anybody might be able to help. I'm contactable on matt@attaboytv.com

Kind regards,


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I had a job reading that Matt.

Most Prius cars in good condition especially the Gen 2 version which seems to be reliable and just keeps going. Parts King has a very good point. Messing wyh the electrics of a Prius can be dangerous. Good luck with your venture.

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