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Auto Box Fluid & Change


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I am lokking into doing a auto box transmission fluid change and after advise

1 what fluid I require and the price

2 The lacation of the drain plug on the transmission

3 the location of the refill point

advise much appreciated

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Hopefully this is of use:

1. You will need 3.5 litres of T-IV ( type 4 ) ATF fluid, don't use Dextron 3 it is not compatible

2. Drain plug is in the transmission sump pan

3. Refill is via the transmission dip stick tube

Toyota sell the T-IV in 5lt cans part number 08885-82025, when refilling add 3.5 lt then check the level on your dipstick if it shows correct give the car a short drive then check and top up as required repeat this a couple of times to ensure a correct fill level.


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of course you can do it by yourself, but what i did, and i think is the best for this type of transmission is to do it at a Toyota dealer service. here (i am talking about Bucharest) was about 200euros. they replace the carbon filter and they change the oil and you have warranty for the job done. i don't think you want to have issues with the auto gear box, it costs A LOT.

good luck

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