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Intermediate Starting Problems And Exiting Problems - Keyfob?

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Good morning everyone,

I hope your all having a good day.

I have a 2004 TOYOTA DIESEL MPV (COROLLA VERSO D-4D T3). which as done 100k.

Recently when I put the keyfob in the car and press the clutch I get no green light and electrics dont come on. I have to keep taking the key in and out for a couple of minutes and then it works. This is an intermediate fault and only happens now and then.

I dont know if is related - I assume it is. When i remove the keyfob you usually hear a wearing sound. Sometimes now I don't and then the steering does not lock and car beeps when I open the door. I have to drive round the block to remedy this.

Hope this makes sense.

Anyideas what is causing this? Thanks in advance.

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