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Sr Auto Economy Better With Miles ....

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Think my SR150 Auto may now be run in!

In Keighly at the moment after a 180 mile drive down from the Borders this afternoon and despite the low temp (never went above 3 Cel), snow storms and Winter Tyres fitted, I averaged 37MPG which I was pretty pleased with considering typical economy I was getting last time I checked.

RAV4 has now done about 22k so reckon engine probably finally run in and giving the right economy :)

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Mines done 1300 Hoovie. I went out Cheshire on a mission for Robroy from Stepps and it was clocking 35mpg. Thats OK, I can live with that and it will only get better as it frees up and the warm weather comes.

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Just reminded me, must fill up tonight - nice cruise down the M4 to Bristol tomorrow, see what I get just before the service and contrast to after the service next week.

Knocking around locally just lately has been giving me 33mpg in the cold.

Edit: 32 mpg after filling up


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