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Help - Will A Baby Seat Fit A Mr2/celica?


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Hi everyone,

Ive just signed up because my partner has been offered 2 cars, both quite inpractical but hes determined so need to know if a forward facing baby seat for our 9 month old will fit.

One cars a 1995 celica, can you get a babyseat in the back?

The other is a 1989 mr2, not sure if its safe/legal to have a forward facing baby seat in one of these as its a front seat? Also not sure if they have airbags.

Has anyone done it in one of these cars before? Any help apreciated. Thanks

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If its a Mk2 MR2 then a baby seat fits just fine. The general rule i believe is that if a car has a passenger side airbag then its illegal to have a baby seat in there. I used to have one in the MR2 all the time when taking my little one about. :)

Ive attached a pic accordingly... ohh... the Celica has loads of space so easy to fit one in there as well.


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