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Tachometer Signal Wire?

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I'm planning on installing a shift light in my E12 Corolla, i took a look at the connections feeding into the instrument cluster but there is no notorious 'green wire' that is meant to be the tachometer signal, instead it is just a heap of light blue/white wires. Is there a wiring diagram or any way of possibily finding out the tachometer signal wire by using a multimeter? Im guessing the voltage on the tachometer wire would increase with the engine rpm?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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The diagram did help, thanks :)

Took a bit of head scratching bit i figured out where to find it. I used a multimeter, put it into AC mode, connected the black wire to ground ( such as the bolts that attach your seats to the floor). Removed the instrument cluster and unplugged its attached connector blocks. I then probed each pin in the connector block with the red wire, i found a pin that was at 12V AC while the engine was idling and when i revved the car to about 3k the voltage dropped to 11.7 ish so this proved to be the tachometer signal.

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