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New Member With Brake Problems

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hi folks hows it going ?

im having a problem , my corolla t sport 2002 keeds going through brake pads but only at the n/s/r the wheels are sticking but the caliper and carrier isnt siezed. i was just wondering if theres a diagnostics plug for the brakes or if anyone knows how to fit it , (p.s the front o/s wheel is sticking to if that helps )

if you can get back to me about this that would be good

cheers :)

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First thing I would ask is have you got the correct discs and pads for your model, there are several different disc and pad sizes though out the Corolla range.

Basic things to check are caliper slider pins free to move on all wheels, the area that hold the pads clean and free of ridges so the pads can move ok, you are using copper grease ?

What about the caliper pistons, do they seem free to move in and out.

You say the front o/s is sticking, how so, if they are not wearing their pads out.

If all those points are fine then would have to suspect something wrong with the pipes or abs unit.

You can check your ECU error codes by means of an OBD2 code reader, though normally you would be getting warning lights on your dash.

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the calpier carrier pins, piston everythings fine i checked it then i went to a mates garage and we still couldnt find anything it just passed an mot but that mot print out did say the brakes have some resistance , my mate did say it might be the abs pump so i will have to plug a dianostics in and see whats going on

thanks for your advice mate

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