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Hot Air Is Blowing In The Vent ? Help Me What I Have To Do


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dear friends

please help me , hot air coming on the display vent ( please check the picture )

when the heater and blower is off still hot air is coming ...

what will be the problem ?????


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Is the heater control set fully to the Blue (Cold) setting?

If so, is the warm air coming through when the car is moving?

I had a similar problem on a Fiesta I once owned. It was a stuck heater control valve, although I've never heard of this happenning on a Yaris.

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If the heater control is set to 'hot'(in the red area) and the vent control set to 'face' (front)or demister setting and with the engine at normal operating temperature and vehicle is in motion then warm air will be vented from the dashboard vents front and side (window demisters)regardless of fan speed setting. If all the conditions mentioned are met then there is little to worry about as this is normal.

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