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Noise When Turning

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Hi all,

When turning at roundabouts or slower speed corners I get a grinding noise coming from the front or rear can't tell which.

Only seems to happen when turning right though.

Any idea's what this could be. I have gen2 Prius 55 plate with just over 80k on the clock.

Thanks in advance.

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For those symptoms, it is the same as a conventional car because a Toyota Hybrid also has many conventional components (even if some of them are slimmed down e.g. brake discs are thinner). I would guess at either a disc brake (i.e. the friction elements of the Prius braking system), wheel bearing or CV-joint.

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Edit: I should have used the word spline instead of gear and I did
not understand that it was a problem with the shaft and I got muddled up thinking it was related directly to the steering rack - oh well, so much for my memory!

I believe the Gen 2 recall steering problem is related to hardening or actually lack of hardening on the spline that engages with a shaft that connects to the steering rack. If it fails there will be NO steering at all.

Here is a short video for the steering problem from Luscious Garage blog (http://lusciousgarage.com/blog/prius_steering_intermediate_shaft_recall_c0t_-_details_for_owners/):

So I think it's very unlikely that the OP has a steering problem as the symptoms would be very different.

Hope that helps.

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My money would be on front wheel bearings, most likely the nearside front.

Been there.

Had the pleasure.

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