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Gear Selection Issues?

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Hi people my first post for a friend as she dont do forums lol!! i need a bit of advice and help with an issue she is having??

the car is a toyota corrolla 3dr 1999 v reg 1.3 with manual transmission!

she has only owned the car for 2 weeks and has an intermittent issue with the gears, every now and then it wont go into 2nd or 3rd and is worrying her, i bled and changed clutch fluid and no signs of leaking slave cylinder?? she put it into a garage who over a couple of days experienced this issue, he diagnosis was the clutch master cylinder?? so he did this and yet still does it and she dont wont to pay a fortune out in repairs, it does not crunch? just wont go into 2nd or 3rd on occassions when i drove it it was fine it seems to be once warmed up a bit has anyone here had this issue and if so how and what was the cause please help?? clutch itself feels good many thanks paul

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Hi thanks for reply approx 122k i found out yesterday and despite me testing the slave cylinder and it had no leaks it was this that the garage changed not the master cylinder in my first post, i knew it was not the slave cylinder as it looked fairly new so has been done, does this model have gear linkage cables??? and if so where abouts are they?? she did say sometimes its hard to get it out of a gear when its hard to get into gear, problem is going from 1st -2nd and 2nd-3rd but it is intermitent!! if it was a syncro it would do it all the time surely?and same with clutch plate, so am on lines of thinking master cylinder or something to do with gear stick or oil not sure, would really like to solve this so if anyone has experienced this and solved please help with what you did, its a lovely car despite this and i know she will just scrap it if it cant be solved a waste of a good car with history paul

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It's probably a synchromesh issue on the gear box, older boxes suffered with this issue, especially with that amount of miles, most likely inner city miles so on the gearbox a lot

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thanks for reply i agree with you!! but would if it was the syncromesh affect the gear changes all the time?? as this is intermitant and can be fine for a couple of days then do it again and so on and is this a gearbox overhaul? paul

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