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My car is just over 3 years old (59 plate) and therefore just outwith the warranty period.

My main key that I use every day has stopped working - when I tried to use the actual key insert to open the door lock, the car alarm went off. I had to use the spare key to stop the alarm and drive the car.

Is there a Battery in the key that can be replaced - I can't see where it would be.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there

There is indeed a Battery inside the key fob. The method of replacing it is to first remove the mechanical key, and at the bottom of the fob is a small slot to prise the fob open with a small screw driver. The Battery is a CR1632. Its easily replaced. Batteries are available nearly everywhere Tesco, Halfords Most supermarkets.

It is worth spending £10 with Toyota or Ebay and get a Owners handbook. It has lots of useful info, among other things, how the door entry works in detail and could get you out of trouble if your remote key fails.


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