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Toyota Touch And Go - Different Colours?

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Hi Everyone,

Just ordered the new Auris and I'm looking over some of the subtle mod options available,

I'm looking to change the ambient lighting inside the car, so I'm swapping out all LED's for a new colour and getting some footwell lighting, dyeing up the upholstery a dark colour, However the Toyota Touch and Go in the new Auris is blue, and the one in a Yaris was red. I've tried goggling the different colours available but there doesn't seem to be a list, which is something people mite be interested in.....


Yaris III = Red

Auris II = Blue

I'm after an orange version and have seen pictures on google images of one but not sure what it's from and that;s the version I'm after.

Can I install a touch and go from any other vehicle into my Auris (are they all the same kit?), if not is it possible to change the colour with a software edit or firmware flash?

Finally, I just have the Touch system, if I put a Touch and Go system in, will I have then have Sat-Nav back?

If anyone Knows any other colours of current Touch systems, post here and I'll add to the list.

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