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Hi All,

Recently purchased a Auris T-Spirit. The car is extremely smooth and I can't really fault it.

Anyway, the previous owner had a service carried out in November 2012.

Toyota marked the clutch as amber due to it having 'No Creep'. Their suggestion for a fix was called 'Re-initialization' which they charged at £71.24. This clearly has not fixed the problem as it still doesn't creep in E or R gear.

I've read around the forums and people have mentioned that a new ECU would be needed, clutch and actuator. Is this really necessary, and I'm guessing that I would be charged a bomb for this?

As the car is fine apart from this and due to limited time I won't be taking it up to Toyota just yet. I thought some of you guys on here with further knowledge on the MMT system can help prep me before I take the car up there and be more insightful in terms of fixing the problem.


1) Does anyone know what this re-initialization procedure actually is? - Clearly hasn't made a difference.

2) Some members have said that their is an update to the ECU to fix this problem? - I suppose they would have done this as a first port of call but hasn't worked.

3) I'll be going to a new Toyota dealership as I don't live near where the car was bought. Do they share information on the computer systems? The car also has full service history, should I be able to haggle some sort of discount or freebie with this matter.

This is my only gripe with the car at the moment, any advice, tips or fixes from other members welcome as I'm not too in-tune with the MMT system. Surely I would have thought that they would have easy fix for this? (Wishful thinking)

Thanks in advance!


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Does it really bother you? If that's the only thing you're missing you shouldn't worry as it's not dangerous. But the other symptoms you might have noticed would be laggy gear change and sometimes it might get stuck in some of the gears. Also the changes aren't too smooth.

If you've noticed some of the issues described, you can make the situation better. But with initialization you won't get full success as it's just a "reset" function. After a while it will be all same again. On the other hand, it needs to be done once anyway I guess, after the new ECU will be installed, to set everything up.

There are ECUs at least with 3 different software out there released by Toyota. You can try the newest one and it should solve your problem.

If the actuator is broken it should show different symptoms. Your car will change automatically in "neutral" mode and stay there even you are standing in the middle of the road with cars behind you and have the gear on. So I believe it doesn't need to be changed in your situation.

Yes Toyota should have your info accessible from computer. You can try to add some pressure on them by saying that this problem is very usual and even if your warranty is void, you can ask for free repair. Toyota has been trying to fix this lag thing by releasing new ECUs because they know about this issue.

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Thanks for the detailed response.

Yeah it doesn't really bother me and the gear changes are real smooth. I suppose I'm used to or comparing it too much to 'traditional' automatic cars.

In terms of the ECU being upgraded/flashed I suppose I will ask Toyota in November when the servicing is next due (still deciding whether to do it with them or not).

Last question weirdly enough, I've been parking the car in N gear (neutral). I've just read around and it states I should really park it in R? Is there any specific reason for this?

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Well, if there's nothing else than this problem then you are really lucky. If you've driven traditional automatic car and are still happy with the changes, I guess everything's fine then.

Well, you should always park in gear, just in case. The same thing is with manual transmission cars. In case the hand brake will fail, it won't move as the gear is on. Leaving in gear will save your hand brake aswell as you won't need to apply it every time, which isn't too good especially in winter time when temperature changes from plus to minus. This can cause the brake pads to get stuck on because of the water which will then turn into ice.

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I'll definitely keep an eye on things and monitor for any of the points you raised above.

Thanks for the advice, keeps me better informed if I need to proceed with Toyota.

I'll follow the guidelines from Toyota then, R on flat or slopping surfaces and E whilst facing uphill.


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My owners handbook (admittedly for a facelift model) states the car should be left in E, M or R - presumably E or M if facing uphill, R if facing downhill. It also says when selecting E or M, to ensure the gear position indicator shows '1'.

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