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What Could Cause Brake Disc To Get Hot?

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I have just fitted a new disc and pads to the rear nearside because of concerns

about the old disc heating up. I have run the new ones for ~ 90 miles with no grinding,

squealing or rumbling but when I got home this eve, the disc was too hot to touch.

The disc on the off side was almost cold.

Does anyone have any ideas before I commit financial suicide and book it in to

a garage? Model is D4-D TR 2.0 '58 plate.

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It sounds as though either your slave cylinder in the caliper is a bit sticky causing the pads to drag or the handbrake adjustment is incorrect, causing the shoes to drag.

More likely the slave cylinder so I would whip the calliper off, give it a good clean and ensure the piston moves freely - well, as freely as a piston will move. While you are at it, check that the handbrake isn't causing the shoes to drag.

Um, I presume that you have changed both rear discs?

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Thanks Druid Boy. We only had time to change one disc on Sunday, hope to change the other one tomorrow.

The old disc got hot as well, so changing disc & pads didn't help.

Will give the caliper more attention and check the handbrake as well.

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