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Strange Noise On Start Up.

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I've just noticed a strange noise on starting up my Corolla T Sport. I've only just purchased the car so i'm still familiarising myself with it. The best way to describe the noise is a sharp almost hissing sound, similar to the noise that's made when a key is kept on the ignition for too long when starting a car up.

The car is a 03 PFL with 95k. Other than this one issue the car drives great, there are no other tell tale signs, with maybe the exception of the clutch. If a previous post I have read is correct, does the bite sit fairly high?

Any help or other words of advice would be greatly appreciated.



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The sound could be the starter motor pinion not disengaging quickly enough so is getting spun round by the flywheel once its going.

The clutch could be a bit worn / high if its the original ..or even the second one if its been driven hard..

Any warranty with the purchase ?

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Thanks for the reply,

I suspected as much with the clutch. It doesn't slip when pulling away from 1st, it just isn't as smooth a change as my previous car. I'm still unsure whether it's down to the clutch going, or my driving skills, or lack thereof. Unfortunately the car came with no warranty when purchased. Is this potentially a large and costly problem?

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If you suspect the clutch, stick it in 4th from a standing start and see if the revs shoot up.

Might smell a bit but at least you will know if its slipping :)

The gearbox is clunky, especially when cold and no one has ever raved about it. Helps greasing the gearbox linkages up if you can get behind the engine.

Whats the noise like in neutral with the clutch out and whats it like with the clutch in? any difference?

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