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I am posting for the first time just to say hi, here are some pics of our new car.

This is just after we had signed at the dealers.

2DFE1B9A-795D-4A27-BBAE-8FA1B36004BB-94- 01332645-DC55-4D6A-A7DA-BED39FEC3D94-94-

This is the day after when we added medium window tint which cost us £60.

BFB677E0-DEF8-4959-A6D3-337FF61A3AFB-94- C149B7B8-6F6F-4482-B33A-1D17D0F60496-94-

Just been to a scrap yard to pick up our rev counter which cost us £80. Ive gave it a polish and fitted it I am busy painting the trim blue.

56A3F9C8-3DF3-4C95-86D8-AF983D1CF1AC-94- DC322F26-F3F8-461C-B2FC-A219A45F262C-94-

Theres a few other things I'd like to do to it, I'll post pics as and when they get done. Thanks..

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Hi colin,

It was one of, if not the easiest jobs I have ever done on a car.

I had a look on c1ownersclub 1st. Its just a case of unscrewing two screws in the speedo cowl

Then take it off, you will see a white plug about 1 inch in length with either 3 or 4 wires in it loose.

Mine was tucked inbetween the other wires, you simply plug the connecter into the rev counter block,

slide it in position and bolt it down, its a short 10mm bolt. Then you just have to put the speedo cowl back on.

Its a bit fiddly, but not hard, then just put the two screws back in. Job done.

It probably took me longer to type this than to do the job itself. Thanks for the comments.

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Hi Neil, thanks...inbetween you answering I had been reading old threads and saw just how easy it is! .........I had been looking on ebay for one and at the moment I think the cheapest is about £86 or something, anyway I popped into my local breakers today and picked one up, complete with speedo head (that I didn't need) for an amazing £18 !! I thought he must of made a mistake so I just kept quiet and paid quickly........It's fitted now and, yeah, very easy! I'll post a pic later...

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HOW MUCH ?????. I wish I had scrapyards like that round here.. I had an aygo black to look at, but I got such a ggod deal on the blue I would have been stupid if I hadnt taken it.

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