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Aux Connection For Ipod Mp3 Player Use.

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Sick of making cds and buying for them only to get scratched and keep swapping them on journeys.

Avensis 2004 t spirit. cd and cassette player. wouldn't mind if it was mp3.

I do have a sony mp3 player wish I could use to store my music files or a usb flash drive.

or dont mind getting a ipod if I can use that.

I don't really want to get rid of the original system fitted to the car.

has anyone tried this. or does anyone have a alternative.

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I got a similar widget from for my Yaris.

The ones they sell now are better than their old one as it supports SDHC cards, not just SD (Which are limited to 2GB) and having folders on the card actually works properly now (Previously it would just ignore some of them arbitrarily :lol:)

Only downside with the new one is you can only have one thing plugged in at a time; Before, you could use the CD player button to cycle through the SD/USB slots, the AUX and the built-in CD player but now you can only cycle between the CD player and the whole box - You have to unplug the USB and SD cards for the AUX to work for instance.

Is a bit pricey but does the job well enough - Has a few issues with some of my older MP3s that I compressed a lot. Deffo seems to prefer higher bitrate MP3s (160kbps+).

Caveats: a) Make sure you know which connector your radio has (The Big One or the Small One :lol:) and b) if your Radio only has one CD changer port at the back, you will need the appropriate Y-cable which is another £10-15.

The company seems pretty good; The first time I ordered one I got the wrong one as it said 2003> but this is the 6+6 'Small' connector version, whereas I actually needed the 99-2003 5+7 'Big' connector one (Despite my car being 2004!).

Called them up and got them swapped with no fuss, which was a pleasant surprise!

After that, you need a small USB drive or an SD card, then just bung all your MP3s in folders labelled cd01, cd02 etc. up to about cd06 or cd12 depending on the car radio, and it acts like a 6/12-disc CD changer :)

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