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Just joined today, hello everyone.

I have a 1999 Corolla, 102000 miles on her, basically she's been running ok until recently.

When I try to start her up all I'd get is a rapid clicking and the Rev counter and Speedo needles move almost around the clock. Sometimes the clock will reset to 1:00hrs and the radio switches off.

I thought it was the starter, but this was replaced about six years ago and has done about 10000 miles since then. I was able to jump start her though so I thought maybe it was the Battery, so I charged the Battery to full and she went fine for about a month, until yesterday.

I drove home, no problem, stopped outside my house, came out about ten minutes later and all I got was the clicking again, only this time the clicking eased of to it clicking only once and not rapidly as before, I also got a constant beeping tone from the drivers side which continued for a while after I turned her off.

This morning I pushed her down a hill and she jumped started and ran for a full hour, but when I turned her off and tried to start her I get nothing. The ignition lights do not come on the dash board, but they will eventually come on, but when I move to start the engine they all die and won't come on again for a few tries.

Have you any ideas what could be the problem, I have thought it might be the ignition switch.

Tks in advance

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Hello James - welcome to the club

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