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D4D Swirl Flap

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any reports of swirl flap coming undone and wrecking the d4d ?

aka shutter valve

i just noticed it while blanking the egr

anyone had one out for a looksy to see if the butterfly is held by screws or riveted pins?

might give it a go next weekend for a clean up at least

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this post got me thinking?


i think the thing with the servomotor to the left of my egr is the swirl flap? shuts over some at idle to make air more turbulent for a better combustion and to minimise intake noise on deceleration, posibly helps engine braking moreso on a petrol and opens up the more throttle given?

well thats what they done on my v6 petrols anyway (one for each cylinder inlet), suppose the diesel is no much different.apart from there just being the one big main one! but cokes up over time due to the EGbloomingR lol

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