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Push Starting An Mmt Can It Be Done ?

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i know that you cannot push start an auto but is it possible with the mmt since it has a manual box fitted,it would be good to know incase the Battery ever went flat .

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From my memory of owning a Yaris with MMT........the answer, according to the handbook is.....NO

In the time I owned the MMT Yaris I never had any starting problems with the Battery

It would be interesting to see if anyone had managed a push start!

Maybe whilst your Battery is good you could try a push start and let us know

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I do not know the right answer but let me make an educated guess. The MMT is a manual gear box with an automatic clutch and has a manual mode. So why not? Just place it manual mode and then use to push start it. To place it in manual mode the Battery and the key should be good to unlock the starting mechanism and to place the gear in M+ mode..

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You cannot bump start an MMT as you must have your foot on the brake before the ECU will allow the fuel / ignition system to initialise.

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You have to have power to the car to be able to disengage the clutch and select a gear.

So a robotic gearbox cannot be push-started...

Neither can most modern fuel injected cars as without power the fuelpump won't run,

nor will the igniton fire due to the lack of mechanical points and a distriutor...

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