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Symptoms Of A Loose Connection And Vsc Check Message?

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Hi All

Just thought I'd post/share my experience from the weekend. On Thursday I was towing our van down the M1 doing a steady 60 in 5th when I noticed the screen in the dash flickering every so often. This went away after a few miles an I thought nothing more of it.

Then on Friday I was driving along the M4 without the van doing about 70 and the check VSC message flashed up briefly for about 2 seconds and promptly buggered off. Having just had a new gearbox fitted my head, wallet and bum started to worry! But using the mental state of it's still going forward with no noises I ploughed on after a brief visual inspection underneath looking for leaks.

Then yesterday while towing the van back up the M1 we got the flickering back followed by check VSC briefly on the dash which again disappeared as quickly as it flashed up followed 5mins later by TOTAL electrical power failure and coasting onto the hard shoulder. So up goes the bonnet and much wire wiggling then commenced. Turned out the be the negative/earth strap to the body had worked loose, tightened it up an alls been fine since.

My question is why did this trigger the check VSC warning? I understand flickering dash and then the complete power outage but not the check VSC warning.



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