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Track Corolla Compressor

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Hey guys, I might get shot for suggesting such a thing.... but at the moment it's just an idea.

To start with, I just did a run of the Nurburgring last weekend in a rental track car....and since then I've had track fever. I live over in Germany at the moment , and my Compressor is sat at home all lonely in the garage being useless.

My first plans were to sell her and buy something faster like an M3 / Evo or GTR, but after doing the 'Ring, i think " Hey, I have a pretty nippy motor sat there with a little potential!".

So my plan as it stands right now is to possibly track the compressor , strip it down to loose weight , cage , buckets , harness , racing brakes , lightweight wheels , stiffen the suspension .....etc.

But (and here's where you come in) I haven't got a clue where to source anything, or if anyone else has done this that could suggest any mods? Also....the Comp is lacking tuning mods, power wont be increased that much without spending a decent wedge.

Is this a bad idea ?? regarding its a pretty limited car as is. But I'd rather see it in good hands and used to it's full potential than sold to a chav who's gonna wrap it round a tree :P

I need your input guys, good or bad ?! :thumbsup:

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