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Avensis Tourer Load Cover/parcel Shelf - Broken Locating Peg

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One of the plastic pegs that hold the pull out cover in place on my 2007 Avensis Tourer has broken so I went to Mr T to buy a replacement and the conversation went :-

Me - I want a new peg for the load cover please.

Mr T - Sorry they don`t supply these. The only option is to buy a new load cover.

Me - How much is that ?

Mr T - About £420 - I know that because somebody wanted on last week, but he decided to bodge it himself when I told him the cost.

Me - Do you sell many new load covers?

Mr T - No but we get lots of customers asking for the plastic pegs !!!!!!!!

Come on Toyota - get real and supply these parts which obviously fail due to poor design, and let us customer have them free.

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Same thing happened to mine the other month back! Found the pin and super glued it back on! Still on there now and going strong 😀👏😎👍

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I've had a couple of goes at mending one of mine. The last time it seems to have worked. I drilled a hole through the centre of the broken bit of the peg so that I could use a long wood/self-tapping screw to gain some "grip" in the aluminium profile within the load cover. I then put some two pack putty material (from a diy shop, you mix it with your hands) in the "hole" of the porfile to give the screw some adhesion.

I think I did see an old E-bay listing for a Toyota peg kit - so they may be available. It is a PITA when car manufacturers try to rip off customers for parts that break because they are not well designed.

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