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Hi all,

This is for information

Today I noticed I had to put my key fob close to the driver door to open it and once inside had to hold the fob in mid air to get the car to start.

i went to the supermarket and when i came out, the key fob would not transpond at all. Nor would the button have an effect.

Now i double lock my iQ so using the mechanical key to open it would mean the alarm sounding and me not having a method to stop it.

Having had a lot of experience with lithium "button" cells, they are known to become minutely tarnished at the contact points. and when they have the load taken off them,i.e the fob circuitry, you can usually get them to work again if only for a short while.

So my suggestion is, if you are stuck as i was, Remove the mechanical key and you will see the tip of the key has a blade which fits into the bottom of the of the fob and lets you prise it apart.

Un- clip the 2016 Battery, and wait for 5mins then re-insert it. chances are you would not have put it back in exactly the same contact position and given it time to recover. Mine allowed me to open the door by proximity and start the car with the fob on the seat next to me.

Hope this helps people stuck in the rain with no shop to get a replacement Battery.

Of course, replace the Battery as soon as possible


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Thanks for the warning David, and how to get round the problem.

After I read on here a while ago about someone having a problem with a flat key fob Battery, I bought one and carry it in my wallet, or card holder thingy, just in case.

Looks like 3-4 years of "average" use is when they may start to lose a bit of interest in unlocking the door or turning on the power.


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