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The fault lies directly with the parts supplier Takata Corp - and I would suggest that Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan will be seeking recompense from Takata Corp. I've also read that it may not be just Japanese cars which are affected.

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See http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/146427-defected-airbag-recall-na-to-rav/


Recall involves Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda (no Mazdas in UK affected). UK Toyota models affected are between X and 54-reg.

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I have spoken to TOYOTA GB Directly today & they have asked me to post up this update on here, on their behalf ...

"The Information relating to the problem's with the Air-bags on certain Toyota's is being updated constantly by Head Office and should be more complete by the beginning of next week.

The fault is 'in the event of an accident, the passenger AirBag might not deploy properly' but they have said that as of 11;00am GMT this morning there has only been 5 cases of this happening, Worldwide.

If anyone has any concerns about whether their Toyota is affected, to go to their Local Main Dealer and speak to them, who will be able to offer up-todate information and check individual vehicle information. They have also recommended that People try to wait until Monday or Tuesday to do this, as it gives them more time to get the detailed information out to the main Dealerships."


TOC members should note that TOYOTA GB has posted the official TOYOTA directive on the following:


However the information given above regarding taking time and waiting a while may well be worth bearing in mind.

Any owners of affected vehicles will receive an official letter :)

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