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Rattle When Clutch Engaged, Diagnosis Anyone?

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Well firstly, hello. I ended up here via google, signed up only to be told my email address was already used. It turns out I was registered on here over ten years ago when I had a rev 3 mr2 turbo....totally forgot!

How things have changed, now I have a 2005 1.6vvti corolla verso manual, a bit different. Saying that my other car is a 2006 celica 190vvtli which makes up for it :)

Anyway, my problem.

Car starts fine and the engine runs perfectly, no nasty noises or rattles when revving the engine. Put it in gear and set off in first, no problems, sounds nice and smooth. As soon as you change into 2nd and then through to 5th there is almost a diesel like ticking noise that rises with engine revs. If your cruising on a flat road with the clutch engaged the rattle is present, as soon as you depress the clutch it disappears and you can rev the engine with it sounding fine.

When I got the car the clutch was slipping a bit and juddering in 1st, I assumed it could be a release bearing and had the clutch changed yesterday. Clutch know works fine again but the rattle is still there. There are no funny noises with the car stationary and the clutch pressed/released so I'm assuming this noise is coming from the gearbox.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated and I wondered if a change of gearbox Oil might help things, no record of it doing from what I can tell.

Thank you.

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Does it only happen in those two gears? could it be play in the linkage? A bit of a long shot, could it be a boot or boot clamp on the a drive shaft?

Good luck, sounds like a rolling road test!

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Sorry not entirely clear. 1st gear is fine. The noise only happens in 2,3,4,5.

This leads me to believe it's an internal gearbox problem. Planning to get it looked at with a transmission specialist early next week hopefully.


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Transmission was stripped today. Pinion shaft bearing was shot and this had caused wear to the shaft itself.

I was given two options.

1. Rebush the shaft and fit new bearing - £450

2. Fit recon 'box with all bearings replaced and 12month warranty - £530

Both prices were negotiated to be ex VAT and cash.

Went for option 2 as I've spent that much on this !Removed! thing I need to get some good use out of it.

Expensive couple of weeks...It had a new clutch fitted last wek as well!

This is the most expensive car I've ever owned in terms of running repairs, and I've had 23odd cars so far from BMW's to Fords to Volvos. Japanese piece of ****. Air con pump has packed in too. Not happy.

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