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Xcarlink On W53824 Unit Verso Tspirit With Dvd

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I have bought a few FM transmitters ranging from £10-60 and have found that they are not the best for usb audio.

I saw the Xcarlink with USB/SD audio with an optional bluetooth adapter which I am considering. I have searched these forums and found a lot of questions but not many answers so hopefully someone who has it fitted can reply.

I have a TSpirit model with the DVD player fitted in the glove box, firstly is the access to the back of the unit through the glove box? It says connect via CD changer socket, is this marked? Do I need to remove the whole front unit?

Hopefully if someone has experience with addind/modding these units can reply with some tips.


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Assuming the design is similar to my Yaris, the back of the radio is accessible from the passenger footwell.

I was able to lie upside down in the passenger seat and push the Y-cable into the back of the radio and then attach it to the xcarlink, which sits in one of the Yaris' cubby holes.

I believe you can route it up into the back of the glovebox from behind here too.

I will say it's a lot easier to connect everything up if you pull the radio out, but getting the radio out might be a bit tricky. There is a site ( which has lots of instructions for removing stock radios which may be useful.

2 caveats:

1) There are two connectors used by Toyota; One is a small block with 6+6 pins and the other is a big inch-wide one which 5+7 pins; You need to know which one yours uses before you order. According to xcarlink the 6+6 pin one is on cars >2003 but my Yaris is a 54-plate and has the older 5+7 plug.

2) Some Toyota radios have two expansion/CDchanger connectors at the back and some only have one which already has a plug with 2 wires connect to it. If you have the latter, you need to get a Y-cable so you can plug in the xcarlink and the 2-wire plug (If you leave out the 2-wire plug, all the car stereo controls stop working!)


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